13 Maret 2012

Explanation About What Is a Firewall and Functions

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Yorroci Net - Info Online : What Is a Firewall and its function? In building construction, a firewall is a non-flammable wall that prevents fire spread throughout the building.

Home, for example, may have a firewall between the garage of the home to prevent fires threaten the garage of another room. Rapidly popular on the Internet firewall, a firewall is a term more commonly used in computer networks. Such as firewalls used in homes and buildings, computer firewalls act as a barrier between the computers in the network. For companies with a computer network or to an individual with a permanent connection to the internet (such as through DSL or cable), the firewall is very important.

Without a firewall, an intruder on the network are likely to be able to destroy, damage or gain access to the file on your computer. Firewalls can be found in the form of hardware or software. Although no complex explanation of how a firewall works, functions as a firewall is a set of filters that constantly monitor the traffic on the network.

Each time the packet information pass through one filter, firewall prevents malicious attempts and prevent damage. Of course, sometimes a firewall to block traffic that we want, but can also block progragram which we believe is safe. Through some arrangements, the repair function and improved firewall and filter facility can be adapted to our desire to increase their success.

Many computer users are accessing the internet via a broadband router, they are greatly benefited by the firewall. The router itself can be configured to serve as a firewall, any malicious attacks from the network, the router will stop, so avoid the adverse effects of the other computer. As a hardware firewall can be further strengthened with the secondary line of defense in the form of software firewall!