13 Maret 2012

Cause Damage to Computer And How To Overcome It

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Yorroci Net - Info Online : Sometimes our computers have problems, whether minor damage and heavy damage.Of course, for the not so familiar with the computer system will quickly bring it to the service, so that these problems can be quickly resolved. But maybe after we read the following article, we will try to correct the malfunction before you actually go and take it to a service. Why? Because it is not all computers have the damage the damage that is difficult to overcome. Here are be sharing some of the Causes of Damage to Computers and How to Overcome It, of course, minor damage that can still be handled in a way that is quite simple, following the tutorial.Computer Will not LiveHow To Overcome It:Check the cable connection (from power outlet to the power button on PC)Stabilizer function checks whether or tdak (if using the stabilizer)Check the power cable to the CPUIf it still does not want to live permasalahanya may lie in the power supply or MBComputer Mau Mau Live But Not BootingHow To Overcome It:Recognize First Beep Beep:Beep 1 time only sign that the condition of both computerBeeps 1 time, There is a problem in the memory long1 long beep and 3 times the damage in a short time VGA cardBeep 1 times and 2 times the short-term damage in DRAM parityDamage continuous beep dimodul memory or video memoryCheck with software like SiSoft Sandra dianosa, PC mark04, mark05 PC etc.Want to boot your computer, but always "Safe Mode" (to go into safe mode press F8)How To Overcome It:restart your computer againif still trouble re-intall your windowsif it is still safe mode also means the HD is in troublecheck with: scan diskComputer Hang OftenHow To Overcome ItDue to software crashespress ctrl + alt + del >> click End Task on the program is "Not Responding"press the restart button on the CPUHardware due to conflict (the addition of new hardware)hardware conflicts often occur on windows operating systemre-install your windows, but keep in mind before you reinstall windows, first remove your new hardwarefacilities run "add new" hardware found on the control panel.Keyboard is not recognized by computerHow To Overcome Itcheck whether your keyboard is plugged in correctlyif it already but still the keyboard is not detected then the keyboard is in trouble.try changing your keyboard, if it has been replaced but the problem persists then it is most likely defective inthe keyboard port on your MB.If it's in the New Keyboard Replace but remain undetected Also Try to Change the Keyboard and USBAlso undetected if something is wrong in the Windows system BuddiesMouse is not recognized by the computer (the same case denagn keyboard)Mouse Pointer Always Hop-SkipHow To Overcome ItClean dirty mouse immediately (especially on the mouse ball)Often Computer CrashHow To Overcome It:check all wiring positions, hardware, and also the voltage on the chassis, check the temperature of the CPU and likewise check ram, processor and vga.When the producers MetherBoard (MB) UnknownHow To Overcome It:open the casing, and check your CPU is usually a MB have a label manufacturer that also contains the specification of the type Mbnya.Look in the manual bookUse the analysis software, such as sandra99 etc..Forgot BIOS PasswordHow To Overcome It:Batterey cmos unplug the cpuOr by way of guessing bberapa emncoba default password for multiple manufacturers and AMI bios egAWARD (eg, AMI, AMI, AMI_SW, ALLY, 589 589 etc.)Clock and setting the date BIOS-Fox Always ChangingHow To Overcome It:batteray cmos is not working (dead), replace with a new batterayAdding New Hardware Device, Tp Not Detected By BIOSHow To Overcome It:Most likely you have old bios so that it can not detect the new hardware, then immediately update your bios.Damage track Card In MBHow To Overcome It:denganmencabut try and stick a card in your MBif booting works then your card is not problematic so likewise the oppositeNew Processor pairs Tp Not DetectedHow To Overcome It:check whether you have installed the processor correctly denancheck whether the position of the jumpers on the processor is correct (about the jumper on the processor can be found in the manual booknya Check new)Crash After Installing New RAMHow To Overcome It:the possibility that you plug the ram is not compatible with your computer (unplug the ram)Adding RAM But Not DetectedHow To Overcome It:Make a check such as the previous caseMake sure the slot is used in accordance yan, for example: SD RAM has a slot which is similar to RAM but RD RD RAM,can not be detected although it could be installed in slot type SD RAM.After Adding RAM Computer Manjadi The Slow ProcessHow To Overcome It:look at your ram capacity limit, for example, EDO ram type the maximum limit is 64 MB, so when forced to add it to your computer becoming increasingly slowVirtual RamHow To Overcome It:Right-click My Computer icon, choose properties, then select the performance tab and click the VIRTUAL MEMORYselect the item let me specify my own virtual memory settings (select HD to be used as virtual memory)click OKMonitor Will not FlashHow To Overcome It:make sure all power cables and connectors associated with the monitor okmake sure the pin is also available on the VGA port entrance with a curved sempuran no less does not makeall / any pin to VGA portAlso make sure your VGA card okBeing a Dark Monitor When Loading WindowsHow To Overcome It:probably due to setup the right driver for your monitor (frequency setting is too high)first entered into a state of safe mode (press F8)reinstall the driver VGAnyaSuddenly Display Damage and Computer Hangs ManjadiHow To Overcome It:due to the temperature (at the VA card) is very hotDisplay size monitor Not Available WishlistHow To Overcome It:go to display properties (click kana semabrang places select properties)Press tab and adjust the setting and the display size in accordance with the wishes of (the screean area)Blinking When Used As MonitorHow To Overcome It:go to display properties (click kana semabrang places select properties)Press tab and click advanced settings, then click the adapter, in this section are displayed refresh raet dininkanNew Sound Card Not DetectedHow To Overcome It:Crash with the old card saoundacheck the manual booknya, if the soundcard on boardnya need to be switched off or not if you want to re-installyan new soundcard (usually can be turned off via jumper or bios)