11 April 2012

Xampp for Windows (Localhost)

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The most popular method of installing WordPress in Windows is by using XAMPP. You can either download the XAMPP installer and install XAMPP or alternatively download the zip or 7-zip archive and use it even from a USB drive.
XAMPP is easily installed in windows 7, XP and Vista using the installer. After downloading the installer, double click it to install XAMPP. After installation, XAMPP is available through “Start” => “Programs”.The application’s interface makes it easy to start or stop MySql, Apache, Filezilla or Mercury.
You can also download the zip or 7-zip archive and extract the contents to any folder on your computer or any USB drive. We preferred to download the 7-zip archive as it is much smaller in size.It is also recommended to extract the contents to any folder.

How to start and stop Apache and MySql servers using XAMPP for windows?

If the content is extracted to root directories like “C:\” or “D:\”, you should not be running “setup_xampp.bat”.You can however start Apache or MySql by running their respective batch scripts like “apache_start.bat” or “mysql_start.bat”.You can later stop apache and MySql using “apache_stop.bat” and “mysql_stop.bat”.
Irrespective of where you have extracted the content, you can start and stop apache and MySql through the XAMPP control panel. Double click “xampp-control” in the extracted “XAMPP” folder to access the control panel.
You can also install Apache and MySql as windows services using apache_installservice.bat and mysql_installservice.bat respectively.There are also batch files to uninstall them as Windows services.
After starting Apache and MySql either through the XAMPP control panel or by running the Apache and MySql batch scripts (double click the files to run them), you can access XAMPP by entering “http://localhost/” or “” in the browser address bar and pressing the ENTER key on the computer.
You can then choose your preferred language to access the XAMPP web interface.
XAMPP provides tools like phpMyAdmin for creating and managing MySql databases, Mercury Mail that can function as a POP3 and SMTP server, Filezilla FTP server and Webalizer.

Download XAMPP for Windows

Free download XAMPP for Windows 7, XP and Vista . It is available as an installer, zip archive and a 7-zip archive. There are also Tomcat and PERL add-ons for XAMPP and you can download them for free.

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