11 April 2012

The ‘Golden’ History and Progress of The Perth Mint

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The Perth Mint initially came into operation in 1899 as part of the Royal Mint in London and had to cater to the needs of that era that sprang from the growth in population concurrent to the recent discovery of gold nearby the colonies. It initial function was to refine this precious substance and manufacture sovereigns. Today the mint performs a multitude of similar tasks in the gold and currency industries and is open to the public which has led to it being one of the most frequented tourist sites.

It is after nearly a century that the mint’s gate was open to the public. Nonetheless it is a truly amazing experience as you encounter one of, if not the largest collection of gold nuggets, and just as many gold bars from all over the globe that amazes you with their shimmering glitter that contrast well with the darkness of the mining wells. What is more, a visitor would get the opportunity to learn your own weight in gold as well as get some engravings done on your own medallions.

Quite recently, in 2011, the mint made itself to the record book by producing the largest and heaviest gold coin in the world that was made of 1,012 kilos of 99.9 percent pure gold with a red kangaroo engraved on one side and Queen Elizabeth on the reverse. To this day the mint functions as a place that is responsible for the production and marketing of most of Australia’s precious metal coins and is definitely worth a visit when heading to this fascinating part of the country.

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