17 April 2012

Water Garden of Asoka Forest – a natural setting

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Thailand is an exotic land with diverse attractions that range from beaches to waterfalls, culture to cuisine. For those who love scenery there are many opportunities to get close to nature in the form of rivers, waterfalls and wildlife.

Amongst the many attractive waterfalls in this country, one of the best places to visit in Trang is the water gardens of the Asoka Forest amongst the Khao Laem National Park. The Asoka gardens span about four acres and it is indeed a delightful setting where one can find a number of waterfalls and waterways located in close proximity to each other. There are also a number of limestone boulders amidst all these waterways that flow in the same direction. One has to walk across wooden logs, which provides an experience that makes one feel very close to the natural world.

For the wildlife enthusiast, it would be of interest to know that the area is also popular for wildlife and there are also a wide variety of fish that can be spotted here. It is a serene atmosphere to go down the diverse paths of the water garden and explore the surroundings and finally reach the main waterfall, which is known as Chong Banpot, which literally translates to the gap between two mountains. That is exactly how this waterfall exists as it flows between the gap between two mountains. 

It is a calm and quiet place to go for a bit of peace and solitude.  It provides the opportunity to get close to the quietness of the natural world with its soothing surroundings for any visitor who has done all the shopping, partying and beach hopping in the country. The lush greenery is indeed soothing to the eye and the only sound that one hears is the sound of nature, of birds and insects and the soft wind that brushes one’s cheeks.

Amongst the many Krabi resorts from which one can reach this area is Anantara Si Kao Thailand. With typically Thai designs and natural landscapes, it is truly a unique Krabi resort hotel in the Andaman seas that will provide for a great family vacation or a romantic getaway.