02 Maret 2012

Get up close and personal with jumbos at Elephant Camp at Golden Triangle

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Thailand is famous for its elephants and an encounter with one of these giant beings is a must for anyone visiting the country in order to have a truly complete visit to this land of elephants. Elephant Camp at Golden Triangle is one of the best ways to get up close and personal with the gentle giants and get to know how they behave and work in close connection to humans, their masters.

 Elephant Camp at Golden Triangle provides its visitors a unique chance to even ride on elephants based on their commands. Long time ago, when logging was one of the major livelihoods in Thailand, elephants were one of the most prized possessions for the people of this land and their whole livelihoods depended on these working animals who carried the heavy loads and did most of the labour. Visitors can learn some basic commands to control one of the pachyderms and climb on to its back and take a ride, of course under the watchful eye of the mahout.

This place located close to mahout villages where elephant owners and their masters live in harmony together will surely provide a one of a kind experience to anyone visiting the camp. The giant creatures love soaking themselves in water for hours and mahouts usually give a good scrub to the animals. Tourists can join in on the fun and frolic and give a good scrub to the gentle beasts as well. But be ready to get wet in the splashes of water while the gentle creatures enjoy their time in the water.

Tourists can also take nature trails and trekking and spot exotic birds and flowers and also pick herbs that are of medicinal value, all guided by the mahouts who know the creatures as well as the forests so well.
One can access the camp from a number of Chiang Rai hotels. One hotel in Chiang Rai that is perfect for this purpose is Anantara Golden Triangle Thailand. At the elephant camp here, the tourists get a chance to ride these creatures and enjoy the views from the top and take a ride at dusk in true exotic style, it is sure to be a ride to remember.