01 Maret 2012

Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park – Discovering the Rich Biodiversity of New Zealand

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New Zealand, an island nation located on the Pacific Ocean, is a country with a diverse eco-system. Being one of the last islands in that region to be inhabited by people, New Zealand developed a complex and extremely diverse biodiversity of flora and fauna. Even today, the beauty of this co-existence between the wildlife and this natural habitat can be seen.

One of the best wildlife parks in New Zealand which serves as an excellent example of the balanced eco-system present in the country is the Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park. Located in Rotorua, this large wildlife park gives visitors a chance to witness a wide range of creatures in their most natural surroundings and habitats.

Established in 1995 and built around New Zealand’s largest Kiwi Conservation Centre, the Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park provides an excellent wildlife experience. The site has several flight aviaries, with over 16 different species of New Zealand birds, ranging from Kiwis to Bellbirds. Since this park looks to offer an interactive experience, one can even feed these beautiful birds.

The pools of the Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park are also full of many species of fish including Wild Trout’s, Long Finned Eels and Brookchar fish, which one can feed and observe in the clear waters. There is also the possibility of observing the varieties of the two species of reptiles of New Zealand; Geckos and Skinks, in their natural habitat at this park. The Tuatara, a unique creature that resembles a lizard and is believed to have been in existence from pre-historic times can also be seen at this park.

In addition to these attractions there are the bird shows where one can interact with birds more closely, and ‘The Big Splash’; a 9 minute boat ride through the evolution of New Zealand’s eco-system with a rather speedy and thrilling climax! All in all the Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park is an excellent natural attraction where families can spend a day witnessing the beauty of the country’s amazing biodiversity.

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