02 Maret 2012

Natural History Museum – The Natural Heritage of Oman

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Visitors to Oman are offered a range of attractions but one of its most sought after attractions is the Natural History Museum. It is the perfect place for the nature lover as it provides the most amazing insights to a world filled with Mother Nature’s gifts. The most significant aspect of this establishment is that it focuses on the flora and fauna of the country.

The establishment is managed by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture in Muscat and is situated close to the famous Zawawi Mosque. Although there is a range of museums in the city this one is particularly popular for all its fascinating exhibits.

The exhibits here portray the history of the country tracing as far back as the prehistoric and Jurassic ages. The natural hazards the country has faced and how they had impacted the people of the region is one of the most interesting aspects portrayed here. Fossils on display here show that this region had once been the home of elephants, crocodiles, rhinoceros and monkeys. Fossils also feature 260 million year old fir tree, the oldest tree in Oman, which is covered in quartz.

Another big attraction at the Natural History Museum of Muscat is the skeleton of a whale which stands proudly in the Whale Room. The skeleton belongs to a sperm whale which had gotten washed up the Omani shore. The fossil sections of the establishment also have on display fossils and teeth of animals of the various ages of the environment; including Precambrian, Triassic, Jurassic and Tertiary. The display of corals in the section for history of plants also show what an entirely different country Oman had been thousands of years ago. The museum is open from Saturday to Thursday.

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