09 Februari 2012

Watch Baby Turtles Learn To Swim At The Turtle Hatchery, Kosgoda

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Kosgoda is well known for the turtle hatchery in the area. Visitors who are heading to Sri Lanka’s South coast can make a stop at the turtle hatchery to see new-born turtle hatchlings in the tanks and also spot some rare species swimming and bobbing up once in a while for air. The Sri Lanka Wildlife Protection Society runs the hatchery at Kosgoda and tourists heading to the southern beaches of the country should stop here to not only stretch their legs but also to experience wildlife of a different sort.

The hatchery was set up in 1981 in order to safeguard local turtles from becoming extinct. At the Kosgoda turtle hatchery, tourists can see massive tanks full of turtle hatchlings of diverse varieties. The eggs are collected by fishermen in the night and brought here. After they have hatched and the hatchlings are two to four days old, they are released into the sea at night when it is considered safer for them since there are fewer predators around. The peak season for laying eggs is from October to April. However, there are eggs and hatchlings at Kosgoda all through the year.

Sri Lankan beaches are nesting areas for five varieties of turtles. They are the Olive Ridley, the Hawksbill, the Green Turtle, the Loggerhead and the Leatherback. These different species nest at different areas specific to them along the island’s coast. The Kosgoda area is famous for the Hawksbill and Loggerhead turtles.

If you are in sunny Sri Lanka you should not miss the chance to watch these baby turtles taking to water and enjoying their first few days of life. It is sure to enthral visitors of all ages and makes for a unique and memorable experience. One of the best ways to get to Kosgoda or to the South coast for that matter is to make use of Sri Lanka car rental facility such as Malkey Rent A Car. There are even chauffer driven vehicles and the experienced drivers know all the tourist hotspots providing an ideal option for those looking for an easy and comfortable Sri Lanka travel options.