09 Februari 2012

White House of the Philippines (Malacanang Palace)

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Similar to its counterpart in Whashington USA the Malacanang Palace has had a rich and varied history as the home and office of the leader of the Phillippines. It was originally built by Spanish colonialist and was the summer house of the Aristocrat Don Luis Rocha. The state came into possession of the Palace in 1825 where it served as the residence for the Governor General. Later on during the American era the palace was the residence of the American Civil Governors starting with William Howard Taft. Since then it has been the home and office of the President of the Phillippines. The building has undergone improvements and modernisations throughout its years of service but still retains its classic Spanish Colonial style. A visit to Manila must include a tour of this amazing and historic palace. Accommodation options in its vicinity are vast but none offer the comfort and security of modern Manila serviced apartments. The Ascott Makati is a very well equipped and modern Manila apartment complex ideal for families and travelling professionals.