19 Oktober 2011

Taman Mini Indonesia Park – Explore the Indonesian Way of Life

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Taman Mini Indonesia Park located in East Jakarta, Indonesia is a culture-based recreational area. Indonesia’s natural diversity and rich culture is well displayed in this extensive park. Almost all aspects of the daily life of its provinces are encapsulated in different pavilions with a collection of clothing, dances, architecture and tradition impeccably depicting the Indonesian culture. Spread across an area of 250 acres, the park comprises a lake surrounding a small archipelago in the middle. A selection of exciting features such as museums, cable cars and three theatres including a state-of-the-art IMAX theatre can be found here in addition to a number of other recreational facilities making the park one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations.

The 27 galleries representing each of the country’s provinces that have their own distinct cultures, attire, shelters and dialects, provide a great amount of knowledge and excitement whilst the ten manicured gardens let one unwind after roaming around the park. These parks include the Cactus Garden, Orchid Garden, Jasmine Garden, Bird Park, Fresh Water Aquarium and more. Fourteen interesting museums lie within the garden; Soldier Museum, Indonesia museum, transportation museum, sports museum and telecommunication museum, to name a few.

To further express the lenience and harmonious coexistence among the various religions in the region, here exists a row of different venues of worship that are still being used actively: a Buddhist temple, a Hindu temple, a mosque, a Protestant church and a Catholic church. The main intension of the park is to preserve and develop the existing variety of cultures in the country as a mean of strengthening its integrity and unity whilst instilling these values in the young generation in particular.
The park is the ideal place for the visitors on a short vacation to the nation, as it provides a great introduction to what the country has to offer in culture and diversity whilst letting them relax amidst its serene atmosphere.

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