05 Agustus 2011

Princes Park—An Enlightening Journey

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Australia’s second oldest capital city, Hobart is widely renowned for its breathtaking parks and stunning gardens. One of those spectacular parks in this highly populated city is the ‘Princes Park’ which has a fascinating history. With its emerald trees, wide lawns and the scenic view of Derwent River, it creates an idyllic atmosphere which attracts an abundance of tourists and locals.

The history of this park takes you through an enlightening journey to the past. The Mulgrave Battery was built near this site and was renamed Prince of Wales Battery in 1855. Also, the Prince Albert Battery was constructed higher up the hill in the year 1841. Furthermore, the semaphore station and signal mast which was once used to signal vessels that entered the harbour and transmitted messages through a chain of stations to Port Arthur, still stands on the edge of this beautiful park. Additionally, the iron gates sealing the entrance to various tunnels and magazine rooms are still evident at the base. It is definitely an illuminating experience to take a stroll down this historical landmark and be fascinated by its tragic past. Moreover, the latter part of this area is lined by an attractive array of Georgian warehouses which symbolize traditional colonial Australian architecture at its finest.

It can also be a fun adventure to have with kids as it is home to a children’s playground which provides public facilities. This playground is situated at the heart of the historic Battery Point which is close to Salamanca. It features a large pirate ship theme and includes plenty of space for games and picnics as well.

Apart from a joyous outing, the Princes Park is a romantic place with an immense natural beauty making it an ideal spot for a blissful wedding. Be captivated by the magnificent aura as the multicoloured nightlights add life to the stunning natural beauty of this park.

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