05 Agustus 2011

Kiyomizu Temple – A national treasure promoting well-being and affection

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The Land of the rising sun, Japan is a nation synonymous with its technological evolution. Located in the north west of Asia, it comprises of four different islands. The country’s natural beauty, celebrated arts and craft, delectable cuisine using local specialities, shopping offering the latest gadgets to high-street trends and a host of other entertainment will help create a fun-filled and fulfilling visit.

For many centuries, Kyoto was both the capital city of Japan and home to the Emperor. Today however, its pastoral countryside is in stark comparison to other bustling towns and locales in the country. Endowed with a rich culture and history the many temples, parks, shrines and palaces bears testimony to the numerous world heritage sites located therein.

Situated in the east of Kyoto, this acclaimed Buddhist Kiyomizu Temple is considered a national Japanese treasure. The name Kiyomizu denotes vivid waters after a cascading falls located in the building. Dating back to the 700s, the complex was later restored in the mid-1600s and is feted as a remarkable architectural achievement as nails have not been used during assembling. A sect known as the Kitahossō is the modern day guardians of the shrine.

The Kiyomizu Temple is celebrated for its wooden stage and lofty height atop the hills. The long and winding lanes that make for the approach of the temple contribute to the aura that surrounds it. Restaurants and shops along the way selling souvenirs and local sweetmeats prove an interesting addition when visiting the area.

The compound is a popular tourist destination housing many shrines. Built around the theme of love, it draws visitors in search of their soul-mate. Ability to offer incense and receive talismans is also available at the shrines and especially during festivals such as New Year. Consuming water from the waterfall within is considered to be beneficial as many believe it possesses healing powers.

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