05 Agustus 2011

Darling Harbour – A playground of entertainment and leisure activities

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Colloquially known as Down Under, the continent Australia is located in the South Pacific Ocean. The nation offers amazing sights that includes a deep abiding history pre-dating thousands of years ago. A multi-cultural society, it is home to numerous races and languages including the native aboriginal people. Tourist attractions such as the Great Barrier Reef, Gold Coast and Fraser Island make it a hot-spot for travellers.

The coastal province of Australia houses the popular town of Sydney. A city with abundant scenic beauty and natural allure, the town and its surrounding locales offer numerous adventures. The diversity of the town creates an active yearly schedule with events such as carnivals, festivals and exhibitions throughout the landscape. The Sydney Harbour and Olympic Park, the Blue Mountains and the rugged terrains create a treasure trove of picturesque wonders.

Among the natural attractions not to be missed during a visit to this metropolis, is the Darling Harbour. Located close to the central business district of Sydney, the Harbour is accessible through train, ferry, car or taxi. This large area for leisurely pursuits extends along one of the city’s waterways, increasing its allure.

Drawing both local and foreign visitors, the zone encompasses a large number of attractions and facilities that include the Chinese Garden, the Convention Centre, the Aquarium, IMAX theatre and even the Maritime Museum. A visit to the area caters to the whole family as the numerous entertainment options offer different encounters.

The opportunity to cruise along the Sydney Harbour is available when visiting the neighbourhood. Remaining as a firm favourite with the town folk, Darling Harbour provides free entertainment including the hosting of major Australian events such as Australia Day, jazz festivals and street theatre.

Shops for children, souvenirs and even specialty stores can be located in this stretch. Restaurants, bars, cafes and even accommodation options provide a central setting in which to enjoy the ambience of the district. Organisations even hire certain sections of the Harbour for launches, conferences and entertainment alternatives.

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