05 Agustus 2011

National Stone Museum – A Collection of Fascinating Stones in Wuhan

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Deeply rooted to its rich history, those who visit Wuhan are encountered by an overwhelming number of enthralling architecture evident during the colonial period. Reputed for its museums, it has perhaps one of China’s finest museums that recount stories of local history encapsulating its rich art and culture. Located in the serene setting of China’s celebrated river famous around the globe, the Yangtze, river cruises can be easily arranged for visitors who wish to engage in a leisure cruise along the river.

One journey that is deemed to be one of the most fascinating experiences Wuhan has to offer is a visit to its National Stone Museum. A place worthy of visiting, it exhibits an array of distinct stone and crystal. There is a record of 1300 pieces that are displayed to the public with many adorned in paintings or decorated in carvings. In addition, there are many rare and unique stones which appear to capture an unusual shape, sculpted by natural forces of water and wind.

Situated in Cuiwei Lu in the district of Hanyang, the National Stone Museum has been established as a tourist attraction since 1993. Appealing to those both locals and tourists alike, it attracts a large number of people regularly. A haven for many who appreciate the beauty of rocks and stones, the museum beautifully captures the enchanting and mystifying nature of stones in its unique creation.

All of the stones portrayed in the museum have been discovered within the country itself. However, there has been one instance where one such unique stone has originated from another country, Malaysia. Considered to be the most famous types of stones, the Yuha, Yingde, Lingbi and Taihu are displayed to the masses where travelers are able to have close encounter with the large collection of such stones. The highlight of the museum belongs to the third largest crystal in China, the most priceless piece in the museum. The stones are categorized into varied groups by different characteristics such as ancient animal fossil, figure, mineral component and vein.

These collections of stones have been gathered from many parts of the country, ensuring that the museum has a complete wealth of such precious stones. Wholly dedicated to the field of stones, exquisitely rare rocks such as Peony stone and Chrysanthemum stones will grasp the curiosity of its beholders, defying the limits of our imagination. It is said that almost all types of rock that exist in our world could be found in the museum, from the fancy rocks to the more valuables ones.

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