06 Juli 2011

Gianyar : The home of the Bird of Paradise

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Gianyar is a region on the Indonesian island of Bali. It is the second most densely populated district in Bali after Badung and consists of an area of 368 square kilometers. This modest city in Bali attracts a variety of foreign visitors in search of a memorable holiday in the heart of paradise. Blessed with gorgeous beaches and a myriad of other natural attractions, Giayar is well worth a visit while in Bali.

Home to one of Bali’s most popular tourist attractions, the Bali Bird Park covers an area of two hectares. Providing a sanctuary to almost 1000 birds, the park boasts of a variety of birds with an approximate of 250 species. The area is divided into sectors that have been recreated in order to accommodate the natural habitats of the birds at the park. On entering this park, your ears and eyes will feast on the amazing collection of species from around the globe as well as the melodic humming of the hundreds of birds at the park.

Be amazed by an array of cassowaries, cranes, storks and pelicans that wander freely throughout the park whilst the Indonesian parrots enthrall you with their chatter. You may also experience the majestic nature of the Bali Starling, the rarest bird in the world! The park is also home to a breeding, research and veterinary facility, enabling reproduction of exotic birds such as the Hornbill and Bird of Paradise.

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