06 Juli 2011

A Wild Adventure at Bali Zoo

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Take a walk on the wild side with the exotic animals in the popular Bali Zoo. Presenting you a vast collection of delightful wildlife, this Zoo is not only a display of wildlife, but it also a wonderful educational experience for those nature lovers. Listen to the melodies of the stunning birds such as peacocks, cockatoos, Bali starlings and various other Asian birds among lush tropical surroundings. Here you can see the animals in a natural habitat as it offers you the perfect virtual tour of the jungle life. While you are exploring this interesting world, be sure to add some stunning photographs to your collection as well.

Located in the cultural centre of Bali, this zoo is just a mere 15 minutes from the city of Ubud and is in close reach from the beautiful beaches of Sanur. Head on over to this wild adventure and greet the crocodiles and also the largest lizard popularly known as the Komodo dragon. Set in an area of 12 acres, it is a tropical garden with a variety of flowers. It also has Gibbon islands, bird aviaries and a petting area for the animals.

Some of the animals in the zoo include a fine collection or reptiles, deer, tigers, bears and so on. Furthermore, the bird life includes Cassowary, Hornbil and a range of Asian birds. Visitors are helped in becoming friendly with the animals and the staff strives to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere. Furthermore, the zoo also provides food for tour groups and private functions. Guests can enjoy a delicious meal at the high class restaurant named Starbhoga which offers a variety of Indonesian, Balinese and Western cuisine.

Open daily from 9 am to 6 pm, it is also accessible to disabled individuals, as you get the assistance of the friendly staff in the zoo. Spend a fun day out and take home a souvenir or a creative handicraft in the souvenir shop available on the zoo grounds or in the restaurant.

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