07 Oktober 2009

Changing Header Templates In Blog

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Your blog looks so unique or different from the others. So you have to change the look of your blog. There are many ways to do it. For example by replacing the template created by third parties, but on average there are templates that use it. Unless you create a template yourself but this takes a very long time and not easy to make a good template. So one of the easiest ways is to replace and effective in the template header.

Header is the most important element in a template for every visitor who comes to your blog first to see the header. So change the header is the most appropriate way.

Header does not have to be a picture. You can also use the text as an important header looks unique and delicious. For those of you who want to use the pictures but could not make it. Do not worry. Because there are many websites that provide free header image so you just download it. Some websites have a pretty good header like:,,, and much more.

In this post I will discuss about changing the header from To mendowloadnya, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to site

2. To download the headers. You must have an account first. Click on register for mendaftar.3. Click Agree. Then you will be asked to fill in Registration form. This form consists of 2 parts, namely: Required and Optional info info.

Required info is the info you need to provide for the registration and the Optional info info is used to display your data to the visitors when you login. If you feel you do not have it ignored for this section

4. Then click Submit Registration Form. If you have will get a message like ini.

5. Open the email you used to register. Click on the link provided to your account mengakftifkan.

6. If you have, you will get a message that your account has diaktifkan.7. click the Return to the front page of free Web Page Headers.

8. Then click Login to download the image header.

9. Select a category header that you want. If you've found a suitable image. Click on the image and click Download.

10. Then the picture will open in a new page. Right click on the image and select Save Image As and press Save.

11. Done. Now the image is stored on your computer

The next step you have to do is find out what size headers on your template so that at the time mamasang fit with your template header. How:

1. Click the Layout-> Edit HTML.

2. Find the code # header-wrapper. So easy to find, press Ctrl + F type header-wrapper and press Next.

3. If you've met there is usually a code width and height around it. For example # header-wrapper (background: url) no-repeat; width: 980px; height: 100px;

Is the length width and height header is the header wide. Meresize means you must be a 980x100 pixel image. You can use image processing programs such as Ms Paint, ACD See, photoshop for meresizenya.

4. Having completed. Go to Blogger, go to Layout-> Page Elements.

5. Click Edit on the Header.

6. Then a new page will appear.

7. Select Browse from your computer if the computer stored image or Browse from the web if the image is stored on image hosting such as: ImageShack, Photobucket, and Geocities.

8. On the Placement. Select Behind title and description if you want to clear the picture behind the blog title and description or select Instead of title and description if you want to cover the blog title and description

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