07 Oktober 2009

Accelerate the Mozilla Firefox browser with Fasterfox

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Firefox by many regarded as the browser fast enough. However, there were some who thought still less quickly, fortunately had a lot of efforts to accelerate the performance of the already fast firefox is. One of them is through plug-ins Fasterfox.

Because Firefox is open source nature, many people are 'smart' which can contribute in developing the performance of this Fire Fox. One effort to improve performance is to make firefox tweaking. That is done by plug-ins Fasterfox.

Fasterfox accelerate the process of browsing by using links and Network Prefect Tweaking. Through Prefect Links, there is no longer idle bandwidth because firefox will capture and store web pages in the cache. Web page transfer process is done behind so dilatar activity does not interfere with your browsing.

Network tweaking done on the setting for rendering the page, simultaneous connections, pipelining, cache, DNS-cache, and the IPD (initial paint delay). Also in the Fasterfox also has integrated a pop-up blocker for pop-ups generated by the flash object.

To install the plug-ins you can download Fasterfox in, After the plug-ins installed, restart Firefox to activate it. Open the Tools menu | Add-Ons, and then double-click Fasterfox plug-ins to open the available options. The facility is default option, courteous, Optimized, Turbo charged, and Custom.

The default option will restore all settings to its original state. Options courteous conduct only tweaking the rendering process so as not to burden the webserver. Options Optimized tweaking will make optimum within the limits allowed by the RFC. Turbo charged option is the most extreme option, he will perform optimally tweaking ignoring the allowed limits.

Turbo charged may be the primary choice for those of you who share the Internet, is if you are a wise, courteous and Optimized is the right choice. By selecting a custom you can set these aspects in greater detail tweaking. Here you can set the cache size directly be used, the number of simultaneous connections to a web server, the number of pipelining, the number of pages Fastback, and turn on / off pop-up blockers.


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