07 Oktober 2009

Settings Modem Dial-up GPRS Indosat im3 card

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 Seting modem to access the internet via gprs gsm card im3 virtually gampang2 hard, easy for those who've never been and can be difficult for who have not. But do not worry it is really quite easy kok, despite never setting mobile dialup modem. Internet access via GPRS im3 card can be done directly through the phone or via computer, gprs facility is absolutely necessary to be active on your card. If not active, activate your gprs first, just read this article. Usually when we switch im3-prime card after the registration process, automatic gprs active, please do not reply telephone 300.

Assumption gprs on your card is active, to make mobile phone as a modem dialup langkah2 as follows:

1. Connect your mobile phone with a computer.

Phone and computer relationship can be done through the data cable, infrared, and bluetooth. Masing2 can replace each other, for example, do not reply your mobile phone data cable so there could be pake bluetooth or infrared, and vice versa. In this article I link my nokia 9300 mobile phone with a laptop.

2. Install PC Suite,

PC Suite software to install on laptop or computer you intend to connect to the phone. If you do not have the software can be downloaded at, see if your mobile PC Suite support. PC Suite supports various types of connections. Cable, bluetooth, infrared, etc..

3. Checking Modem (if already installed).

The next step dialup modem settings. If the PC Suite is installed and your phone is properly detected by PC Suite means that the modem can be set, how to check whether the phone was terdekteksi is through, my computer - properties - hardware - device manager, check whether dibagian modems already have the Nokia 9300 usb modem . Check whether the modem works well in a way, right click the Nokia 9300 usb modem - properties - diagnostics dibagian press the modem query, diagnostics will take a few moments, the results we can see in the column. If the modem has not detected check cable, try the PC Suite software to install it again.

4. Setting dial number, user name and password.Untuk be able to dial into the Internet we need to set dial number, user and password. Im3 card number dialnya is * 99 *** 1 #, user should gprs and password: im3. To mensettingnya, click the start button - all programs - accessories --

communications - new connection wizards - next - select connect to the Internet - next - select set up my connection manually - next - select connect using a dialup modem - next - select nokia 9300 usb modem - next - masukk isp name (can be charged apa aja) - next - enter the number dialnya - next - enter a user name and paswordnya - next - check Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop (if you want to create a shortcut on the desktop) - finish. Setting completed. Try double-click the desktop shortcut had dialup.

Dial process of walking, verifiying user name and password .. registering your computer to the network .. if successfully connect the monitor image will appear in your systray ..

If the error 734: the ppp link control protocol has Terminated happen, meaning you can not connect to the network. This happens because we do not add parameters to the modem, add the command AT + CGDCONT = 1, "IP", "". Way, right click my computer - properties - hardware - device manager - modems - select nokia 9300 usb modem, right click - properties - advanced dibagian - extra settings at the command line enter it - OK.

Try to dial again. Udah connect properly.

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