06 Oktober 2009

Hacking private photo in friendster

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This paper was made because the writer wanted to know the figure of a writer friend who has suddenly become repentance for his behavior .. hahahaha ...

When we're curious to know the contents of the existing private photo in friendster, here's a little trick to get around to see the private photo ...

Equipment preparation:

1. computer with internet connection (so pasti lah)

2. snacks plus ultra milk

3. cigarettes or g *** a ... (nge fly Bozz)

4. od * added * a better ... .. (not necessarily)

game starts:

- Open friendster (no reply nor friendster account apa2)

- Find a target that has a private photo

eg target:

- Then what we need is a photo album of the target. add the url above into the following

- From the album pages target (if using firefox) to open the menu view, page source to find the target uid. press the combination ctrl + f and enter the keyword "pageOwnerID" (without the quotes).

if met eg pageOwnerID = "2892664", uid reserve targets.

- Next look for the target album id, how to press ctrl + f enter the keyword "privacy" (without the quotes), search privacy album that is private.jika see eg: "Private", reserve target album id.

so the information gained is:

uid = 2892664

album id = 373200955

- From the information above, open a new web page and enter the following address: = (Uid FS Target) & a = (en album) & page = 0

- Next insert id uid and albums on the above address to:

- If successful will return pages containing the text not clear .. hahaha .. but do not need to read all of you enough for the numbers in front of the word "student", and find as much as how the word "student" are at it shows how much the diprivate photo.

eg "rid": "660707544"

- The next step open a public photo targets as a springboard to look at other private photo, how to right click the target photo and select Properties. Take the target public photo links

enter the url address, enter the address number "disciple" which we found was at the end of the row of numbers before. jpg


and the results .... wawaaaahhhhhhh ... .. ** The images hahahaha .... for another photo meliahat live figures replace the last row before. jpg with the number "disciple" that we find today ...

So and the results can be tried alone ...

Nothing Secure On the Internet ....

thanks: Hackers-center; R3d_fl4g; Balikita; coco_nk4l; UnderDos

Stay ***** to drugs ... Now is not his time to be kids ... hahahahah ****

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