21 Maret 2012

Fishing as a sport, hobby and as a fun activity in Negombo

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Negombo is a charming seaside town on the Western Coast of Sri Lanka. History has the town marked as a centre for cinnamon and other spices. It is in fact this feature that drew the Dutch and then the Portuguese and ultimately the British to this seaside town.

Negombo also lays claim to a small lagoon of the same name and has therefore also been a busy fishing port dating back many centuries. The beach is dotted with the boats used by the fishermen as well as miles of fish laid out to dry.

Tourists who visit the town come for various reasons amongst which are visiting the historical sites such as the Dutch Fort, religious observances at the many Roman Catholic churches situated around the town and enjoying the beach and the water sports.

Ranking high amongst the water sports available here is fishing. Organizing excursions that take out groups of visitors on board of either a catamaran or canoe for the adventurous few who wish to indulge in the pastime the traditional way and motor boats for those who wish for a few more facilities, are becoming increasingly common in the town of Negombo.

The period between November and April are the best in terms of deep sea fishing, however for those who wish to simply fish in the lagoon, conditions are ideal year round. The distance the boats would go out to as well as the time at which it does depends on the customer’s wish. There are morning tours that ideally begin at 6am and go on till 9am as this is the best time for fishing. The return to the harbour will approximately be at 12 noon. The afternoon tour begins ideally at 3pm and fishing from 5pm to 7pm usually. Apart from these standard tours, whole day fishing tours and night fishing expeditions can also be arranged on request. 
Customers can expect fish such as Grouper, Mackerel, Snapper, Sheer fish, Tuna, Sail fish, Sword Fish and even shark depending on how far out they venture. Whether you are a serious fishing lover or not, a fishing tour in Negombo is certainly an enjoyable activity that must be tried out. If you are looking for a hotel in Negombo then it would be best to search among many a Negombo Hotel available to you, as they are likely to have the most to offer. Club Hotel Dolphin is an ideal choice in this regard.