21 Maret 2012

Ancol Dreamland – the Best of Jakarta

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Jakarta is Indonesia’s capital and is possibly the best tourist destination in the country. It features amazing attractions and it is also the ideal tourist hub to be based in to explore the rest of the nation. From modern to historical its sights are a plenty and of course, attractive. The city, like most other Asian capitals, also features night time entertainment.

One of its most modern attractions is the Ancol Dreamland. Also called the Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, the Ancol Dreamland is one of the largest and most fascinating amusement parks in the country. It’s a popular attraction among the tourists as well as the locals and it features a Sea World, an Atlantis Water Adventure, a Fantasy Beach and a Marina Beach.

The Park is located facing the beautiful Osaka Bay and is spread across a vast area. Considering the attractions of Jaya Ancol Dreamland it is actually a gigantic resort especially made with recreation in mind.

There are four main attractions in this park which are, the Sea World which features a Dolphin Show and a range of sea creatures exceeding 4,000 species, the Marina Beach with its pier which allows easy access to the other islands of Indonesia, the  Atlantis Water Adventure which provides a range of water sports including  water cycling, sail boating, canoeing, and fishing, and the Dunia Fantasi or the Fantasy Beach with features numerous attractions and rides for the young and the young at heart. The Jaya Ancol Dreamland also features an art market. Locally known as the ‘Pasar Seni’, this market offers a range of souvenirs including Indonesian handicrafts and paintings.

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