09 Maret 2012

Dragon Fruit Garden – A different orchard

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Dragon Fruit is the fruit of a tropical cactus variety and it is a very popular food particularly in countries such as Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and the rest of Asia. It is also referred to as dragon pearl fruit and fire dragon fruit as well as sweet dragon in various countries. With an extremely colorful peel that is a combination of dark pink or even magenta, it has a white soft inner flesh scattered with hundreds of thousands of black seeds. The unique appearance of the crop draws the attention of anyone running a fruit stall. Many wonder where these exotic fruits grow, whether it is a on a tree, on wines or on the ground.

For those curious, there is no better way to find out other than by visiting an orchard where these can be found in great abundance and there are many such gardens all over Vietnam. For any visitor to the country, it will not be difficult to find a garden where the fruits are harvested. One can be sure to be warmly welcomed by the local farmers and given a tour of the garden. The gardens are full of carefully grown cacti with their octopus like vines and leaves hanging heavy with fruit. The farmers will most probably serve any visitor a cup of tea and a fruit or two to take back on the journey. The crop can be enjoyed by anyone and it has been linked to kiwi fruit because of the presence of black seeds that are crunchy. The fruit is slightly sour and it is also low in calories.

There are a number of varieties of the crop cultivated at various gardens and it is surely a great sight to see the cacti leaves heavy with the colourful outgrowths. The gardens can be visited from many a Vietnam hotel and it is sure to be a refreshing experience.  For guests who are in search of luxurious comforts for a memorable holiday one great resort in Mui Ne is the Anantara Mui Ne Resort & Spa which has carefully blended exotic Vietnamese charm and seaside elegance.