19 Februari 2012

Historic Fort Snelling – Traveling Back In Time In Minneapolis!

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Sometimes referred to as the ‘City of Lakes’, Minneapolis is in the American state of Minnesota and is a city that has a rich cultural and historical heritage. Situated along the Mississippi River banks, this vibrant city also boasts picturesque natural landscapes and lush greenery due to the many lakes, creeks and wetlands that can be found here. Those wanting to soak up some local history however, can visit historic Fort Snelling.

Originally constructed in the 1820s, this historic site is located in an area which covers the junction of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers, which has much significance for Native American Indians. The fort is now a living museum where visitors of all ages can enjoy a unique educational experience regarding the country’s military history dating back to the pre Civil War era, as well as learn about such historical aspects as the fur trade, the 19th century U.S. - Dakota War and slavery in the state.

Initially a fort that was used by the U.S. military for over a century, Fort Snelling stands imposingly atop a bluff providing views of the area. It is home to a national cemetery that has seen over 180,000 individuals, both men and women who served in the military, being buried here. In order to help visitors truly get a feel of how life was back then, the site has been restored to what it originally looked like and offers a unique perspective.

Visitors to historic Fort Snelling can spend their time exploring the site and appreciating the rich architectural history that is apparent in its old buildings and constructions. Those walking around the site can visit such areas as the Half-Moon Battery, the Wood Barracks, the Commanding Officers' Quarters, the Sutler Store, the Married Quarters, the Squad Room and the Gate and Guardhouse. The North and South Batteries, Gun Shed and Powder Magazine also provide fascinating insights and help to transport one back in time!

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