19 Februari 2012

Experience Jakarta’s Wilder Side at Captivating Ragunan Zoo

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Tucked away within the lush environs of Pasar Minggu in the southern reaches of the capital city lies Indonesia’s most prolific wildlife enclave, dubbed the Ragunan Zoo. Occupying an expansive area spread out over 350 acres this lush enclave devoted to the natural flora and fauna heritage of the country is one of the capital’s chief attractions. As a tropical home to most of Indonesia’s and the world’s  indigenous and endangered animal varieties the zoo also serves as one of the venues in the country where these magnificent yet threatened creatures can be viewed. The zoo boasts over 270 animal species which includes 3122 wildlife specimens in addition to 171 floral species.

Set up as far back as 1864 by a flora and fauna enthusiasts association of the Dutch East Indies the zoo shifted to its current location in 1966, the same year it opened its doors to the public. The main highlight at the venue is of course the Schmutzer Primate Centre which was established in 2002. Displaying a wide variety of primates such as orangutans, chimpanzees and gorillas the centre is one of the largest of its kind on the globe. 
The mammals that call Ragunan Zoo home include white Bengal tigers, Sumatran tigers, leopards, American black bears and lions  while sun bears, Java mouse-deer, Arabian oryxes,  antelopes and  langurs are also found at the venue. Macaques, Asian Palm civets, raccoons, camels, beavers, Javan porcupines and babirusas are also part of the zoo population in addition to wetland creatures such as hippopotamuses, crocodiles and gavials who are found in the open ranges at the zoo which also contain Javan wild bulls and Bawean deer in a savanna like environment.

The zoo’s bird population is equally impressive with stunning Javan Hawk-eagles, Australian pelicans, Crested Serpent-eagles, flamingoes, Palm Cockatoos and hornbills all in attendance. Larger bird varieties such as ostriches, emus and cassowaries are also on show at the compound which also serves as the home of several species of parrots, cockatoos and crowned pigeons.

The Children’s Zoo at Ragunan is another must-see attraction as the enclave includes a playground and offers kids boat rides, pony cart rides and the opportunity to ride an elephant. Picnic areas and eateries are also available at the zoo which also houses a gift shop with souvenirs.

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