17 Februari 2012

Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park- Bringing the diversity of Indonesia under one roof

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Situated below Vietnam and next to Malaysia, the Indonesian archipelago is comprised of a diverse and varied series of landmasses that make up the country. The tiny islands that help make up the country are like little islands in themselves, each with its own culture, history and traditions. Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park or Taman Mini Indonesia Indah as it is more commonly known was established with the purpose of bringing these different cultures and ethnicities closer and fostering greater solidarity within the country. Inaugurated in 1975 the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah lays on an areas of around 250 acres and is a marvel of design and construction. At its heart lays a miniature lake filled with landmasses that make up the archipelago of Indonesia. Accompanying this central attraction are several museums, theatres, monuments, halls and rides. Each lending its own view on the different facets of Indonesian life and culture. Travellers searching for Jakarta accommodation for their visit to Indonesia would find apartments in Jakarta a welcome change to staying in a hotel. The Somerset Berlian Jakarta for instance are situated at an exclusive address in central Jakarta, the ideal base for touring the city.