17 Februari 2012

Appreciating nature through Eco tourism in Kuala Lumpur

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Eco tourism revolves around nature and focuses on appreciating natural beauty and the natural environment in which we live. The promotion of such tourism not only brings pleasure to the visitor but also encourages countries to invest and take pains to nurture, protect and conserve their environment.

Malaysia offers stunning examples of natural beauty that attract a large number of eco tourists the year around. The beaches around the country are beautiful locations to visit. However what stands out amongst the eco tourism oriented attractions is the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia. This large expanse of forest stretches out across 1500 hectares and is filled with amazing waterfalls, ponds, lush greenery, colourful flowers and foliage, aromatic trees, fun hiking trails and of course the suspension or canopy bridge elevated at a height of 30 meters above ground level.

Apart from this area, another must visit is Kuala Selangor which offers a phenomenal sight of fireflies at night. The best viewing positions for this are offered when in a ferry or better yet a sampan – which is a wooden boat made in the traditional style rowed by a local. The mangrove swamp here is ideal to observe various kinds of animals and other natural sights such as many species of birds and monkeys.

Templers Park near the Batu caves is a popular site for recreation and has breathtaking waterfalls of many tiers. Pulau Ketam is known as Crab Island and as the name denotes is home to many species of crabs, fish and other marine life. The island is also home to a number of restaurants famed for their exceptional seafood specialties and delicacies.

Despite most of these eco tourism locations being situated on the outskirts of central Malaysia, the journey is certainly worth the distance as the views that await a visitor are stunning in their natural beauty.

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