07 Januari 2012

Northern Hot Springs Park, A Prime Leisure Destination

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The Northern Hot Springs Park is one of the major attractions in Chongqing and has been called the Pearl of the Jialing River. Lying at the base of Jinyun Mountain on the northern banks of Jialing River the park is considered to be Chongqing’s premier garden park. Although it is of relatively modest extent at 10 hectares, the park is a captivating scenic site with hills, temples, woods, water, gorges, springs, caves and many other features of interest.

Naturally the park’s foremost attraction is its numerous hot springs. Altogether there are ten of these natural springs at the site, with their water temperature remaining a pleasant 35 C to 37 C. The spring water is known to contain alkali mineral elements which are said to have beneficial properties promoting good health. The waters are considered to be beneficial for those suffering from arthritis, skin problems and numerous other ailments. Apart from their medicinal value immersing yourself in the spring water is a very pleasant way of relaxing from the exertions and stresses of the modern existence. In addition to an expansive main swimming pool the venue also offers a newly constructed triangular indoor pool, a children’s play pool and 75 indoor bathrooms.

Numerous features of historical and cultural interest may be seen at the park. At the park’s centre you will see the four important palaces which always capture the attention of the visitor. To the east you will see the Stone Inscription Garden, Guxiang Garden, Water Lily Pool and Fish Pond. Guxiang Garden is noteworthy for containing the tombs of revered monks from the Qing, Ming and Song Dynasties. The Stone Inscription Garden features steles dating from these dynasties. The northern section of the park contains several ornamental ponds and caves.

The park is also noted for featuring a diverse and appealing array of flora and fauna. Naturally occurring plants include semitropical and tropical evergreens, bamboo groves and horsetail pines. You will also see creatures such as hares, squirrels, crows, owls, cuckoos, doves, magpies, parrots, sparrows and thrushes.

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