08 Januari 2012

Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Centre – Where Adorable Giant Pandas Amaze You

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Founded in 1987, the Chengdu Research Base is a non-profit organization carrying out captive breeding, wildlife research, educational tourism and conservation education. Having started with six giant pandas that were rescued from the wild, this research and breeding facility dedicated to giant pandas boasts a present population of over 80 adorable pandas.

Giant pandas are considered a national treasure in China and are loved by people the world over. Found only in Gansu, Shaanxi and Sichuan provinces, they are the main attraction for the visitors to Chengdu in the Sichuan Province.

Through the exchange of genetic material with other such facilities, the research base sustains the genetic diversity in its panda population. Taking pride in not having taken any giant pandas from the wild for over 20 years, the centre includes all the necessary facilities for the pandas including a medical station, a fodder room and sleeping quarters.

Thousands of bamboo clumps, bushes and a great number of plants are cultivated for the habitat and diet of the giant pandas. The centre excellently imitates the natural habitat of these pandas so as to give them the best possible environment for breeding and rearing and to prepare them for their release into the wild.

In addition to the giant pandas, the centre takes care of several other endangered and rare wild animals including white storks, black-necked cranes and lesser pandas.  An environment which includes natural hill scenery, colourful flowers, verdant bamboo and fresh air is merged cleverly at the base.

A special highlight at the base is the Giant Panda Museum which was opened to further scientific education and improve public awareness of wild animals and their environment. The world’s only thematic museum for endangered and rare animal species, it consists of three main exhibition areas: the Vertebrate Hall, the Butterfly Hall and the Giant Panda Hall.

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