27 Oktober 2011

Trooping The Colour- An Affair to Remember

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Metropolitan, with more than a passing nod to tradition, the London cityscape is grand, unique and undeniably its own. While continuously on the cutting edge of modern living, the city still retains a portion of its history. And a large part of the national identity is rooted in its traditions. The black cabs still run on the street, so do the red double decker buses. You are bound to find most of the images associated with England, in this city which isn't all that surprising because London embodies everything British. And if you want to soak up British culture, there is no better place to just dive into it.

Trooping the Colour, is a military tradition that can trace its origins to the 17th century. Each regiment of the British Army had its own Colour, which was used to rally the troops during battle. For this purpose, the Colours were paraded in front of the troops, so that each soldier may recognise the Colours of his regiment. It also came to mark the birthday of the Sovereign. The modern incarnation follows in the spirit of this tradition, and has been held every year since 1820, except during periods of mourning and other special circumstances. Since it celebrates the birthday of the Queen, it is also called the Queen's Birthday Parade.

The parade route goes through some of London's landmark roads extending from Buckingham Palace along the Mall to Horse Guards Parade and to Whitehall and back. The function is attended by the Queen, who usually appears in a carriage. This year the pageant will be held on the 11th of June- the second Saturday of the month. Tickets are available for sale, but there are only a limited number of seats.

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