27 Oktober 2011

Hong Kong Space Museum – A journey to space!

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Enclosed by the South China Sea and the Pearl River Delta, this great land on China’s south coast is renowned for its deep natural harbour and extensive skyline. Seven million people reside on more than four hundred square miles proving Hong Kong to be one of the most densely populated areas in the world. With a majority of Chinese population mainly originating from the Guangdong province the city proudly holds a vibrant culture and celebrates many other festivities and events drawing many visitors over the year to its many attractions.

The Hong Kong Space Museum was initially proposed in 1961 by the Urban Council of Hong Kong and it was only in 1977 that its construction was commenced. 1971 showed the instigation of designs and plans for the establishments when the Urban Services Department set up work groups to study overseas experiences in the construction of planetariums. Once the groundwork was finally in place, the Hong Kong Government invited Mr Joseph Lui to serve as the Planetarium Advisor and contracts were signed with Carl Zeiss Company who agreed to purchase the planetarium and its equipment.

The Urban Council inaugurated the Hong Kong Space Museum in 1980 which spans across 8000 square kilometres and is built in a unique egg-shaped dome that now serves as one of the popular landmarks in the country. The museum is divided into two divisions, the east and west wings. The east wing holds the planetarium, the Hall of Space Science, the Stanley Ho Space Theatre, offices and other workshops. The west wing includes the Lecture Hall, the Hall of Astronomy, offices and a gift shop offering an assortment of souvenirs. Many tours and adventure experiences are scheduled daily for visitors, providing the ideal educational family escapade.

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