25 Oktober 2011

Singapore Art Museum – The doorway to Asian arts and culture

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Arts in the Lion city have become an integral element of all citizens. With its cosmopolitan lifestyles and bustling environment, arts as a sector over the years has seen a significant growth. Today visitors are amazed at the diversity and stimulating work showcased in institutions nationwide.

Museums in Singapore are rich warehouses of contemporary and historically important paintings, sculptures and other artistic crafts. Categorised into National galleries, Heritage exhibitions and other institutions among the more prominent exhibitions can be viewed is the Asian Civilisations Museum, the Peranakan Museum and the National Museum of Singapore.

Another gallery of international repute is the Singapore Art Museum. Initiated during the mid-1990s, this institution aims to conserve and exhibit both contemporary and historical pieces belonging to the nation and those of countries in Southeast Asia. As a result, the accumulated work can be reckoned as the regions finest and largest. Located in a heritage building of the 19th century, the institution liaises with other international galleries worldwide.

Awareness of the Museum products and displays are carried out through outreach programmes. Travelling exhibitions and collections received on loans from other galleries are also exhibited to the public to create further appreciation of the diversity of art. Other activities such as lectures are also organized to help encourage an active interest in Asian culture.

The Institution also strives to create and nurture artistic knowledge in the young sightseer. Works of art are selected especially with the age in mind so that inculcation and debate can be generated. The Museum’s Learning Gallery Education Programme is developed to include puppet shows and art techniques with the aim of fostering life skills.

Located on Bras Basah Road, the gallery is easily accessible via road or rail. While guided tours are available in popular Asian languages, visitors can purchase souvenirs and gifts from the in-house shop. These include books on art, craft and pottery items. The building housing the Museum also contains a range of food and beverage shops. This allows visitors to leisurely pace through the gallery.

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