25 Oktober 2011

A Journey of Discovery at The Hong Kong Science Museum

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An ideal place to visit for the entire family, the Hong Kong Science Museum offers countless hours of entertainment and education. Opened in 1991, the four storey building that houses the museum has around 6,500 square metres of space for its permanent exhibits which take visitors on a fascinating journey of learning about the world around us.

In order to help visitors get more involved, the museum has many hands-on features that serve to make the whole learning process that much more fun. Spread out across 16 galleries, most of the over 500 permanent exhibits one will find here have interactive elements and allow participation for all.

The imposing “Energy Machine” that towers 22 metres from the ground is one of the highlights of the museum as is its one of a kind audiovisual display. The many exhibits one will find here include the “Life Sciences” section which focuses on such aspects as plants, animals, the human body, health and genetics, the mysterious “World of Mirrors”, “Light” with its interactive experiment area, “Transportation” which is home to a huge DC-3 airplane and “Motion” with its own bed of nails for those looking to test the principals of pressure!

The “E&M Gallery” which deals with electricity and magnetism, The “Food Science” section where one can learn about how food affects the body, the “Telecommunications Gallery” which showcases the various advances and impacts of telecommunications and the “Energy Efficiency Centre” that deals with fossil fuels and renewable energy are among the other permanent exhibits at the museum.

Apart from the permanent exhibit space, the Hong Kong Science Museum also runs special science and technology related exhibits which keep changing through the year. Special children’s programmes are also held on the premises, while one will find an exhibition hall, a laboratory, a book shop and a shop selling gifts and souvenirs here as well.

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