23 Oktober 2011

The Sanxingdui Museum: A place of ancient culture and academic importance

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The Sanxingdui Museum is situated north east of the Sanxingdui remains in the Sichuan Province. The remains are an archaeological site that date back to the Neolithic, Shang and Zhou periods which was declared a National Key Cultural Relics Protected Unit in 1988 due to the wealth and rarity of its precious contents. The artifacts discovered from Sanxingdui in 1986 created a buzz not just in China but throughout the globe. Two large Shang-period sacrificial pits unearthed more than one thousand gold, bronze, and jade objects.

Completed in 1994 the Sanxingdui Museum is located northeast of the Sanxingdui remains and covers 200,000 square meters and was formally opened to the public in October 1997. The design of the museum is simple, but has a solemn style. It also has many architectural creations that have profound meanings. The main object is the deformed spiral shaped curved lines that rise step by step which depict the development of society. The designs of the Museum itself have had many architectural breakthroughs. Modern technology in the form of sound and light are used to accentuate the charm of the ancient site.

Covering about 3000 square meters in total the halls of this museum hold cultural relics at the heart of which are items on display which are some of the most precious artifacts in China. From man faced bird bodied sculptures to symbols of gods that reflect the mysterious and primitive religion to the three stars accompanying the moon and an array of excavations and studies of Sanxingdui, show off generations of hard work of experts both at home and abroad in the past 50 years. It also represents the effect of Sanxingdui and its role it plays in academic circles.

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