24 Oktober 2011

Maldives Excursions – Exhilarating Experiences In An Island Paradise

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The charming islands of Maldives are famous world over for the abundance of the water sports and captivating vistas they have to offer. With a wide variety of aquatic species inhabiting its pure azure waters, it is the ultimate destination for snorkelling and diving. Whilst most of the country’s islands are uninhabited, those that are inhabited are home to peaceful fishing villages with life stripped down to sheer simplicity under the warmth of the tropical sun. The influence of various cultures on the Maldives is well reflected through the local traditions, language, lifestyle and cuisine.

However, those interested in delving into the local culture, may have to take a break from the comforts of the resort they are staying at and travel to one of these inhabited islands. This type of excursion will help you get an insight into the lifestyle of villagers. You can visit the Fisherman’s Island to discover their rich cultural heritage as well as local handicrafts. Islands such as this consist of villages with the traditional holhuashis, which are sort of gazebos created by tying hollow wooden trunks together. These are conveniently placed on beaches, allowing islanders to indulge in activities such as playing cards, storytelling, listening to local radio and exchanging news after a day’s work.

Another exciting excursion would be a night fishing expedition. Fishing is strongly entwined in the lives of the locals and one can take part in a night reef fishing trip and experience the pleasure of catching and cooking your own fish. Your boat will carry you to a good fishing spot with the crew demonstrating how to use the sinkers, hooks and lines.

After a good catch you can converge on a secluded island to celebrate your achievement. Enjoy an unscathed part of nature whilst the fish you caught get grilled to perfection over red hot ambers. The significance of this type of excursion will only start to sink in once you hear the various sounds of nature coming together to create one mesmerising melody.

An ideally located Maldives hotel can make all these excursions possible. Thus, one should consider staying at Naladhu, Maldives, located in one of the isles of the South Male Atoll. Boasting expansive villas each featuring a private pool, it is among the most preferred Maldives island resorts.