20 Oktober 2011

Preserving historic Singapore

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The Labrador Nature Reserve situated along the southern end of Singapore, has a rich history in terms of World War II and its after math. The area contains the last remaining rocky sea cliff that the public can access on the mainland. Given its towering cliff, the area was deemed ideal by the British to build a fort on and stake out a defence location. Even with the British fort and garrison stationed there the area was still accessible to the public until the Sino-Japanese War II. The area was then made into a stronghold which turned out to be fruitless as the Japanese attacked from the North and not the South as the British anticipated.

Since then the Nature Reserve has been serving as an area only to be visited by nature lovers. In 1973 the Reserve was downgraded to Park status which was a cause of concern for many public interest groups. This was because the area contained not just natural forests but also the rocky Long Beach all of which were home to a number of endangered species – in terms of wildlife, fauna and flora.

After much clamouring, the authorities converted the Park back into a Nature Reserve thus protecting the roughly 10 hectare area from any Industrialization or redevelopment.

The Nature Reserve’s rocky beach area is home to the last coral reef on the mainland and marine lovers will be thrilled to see the various species of sea anemone, coral creatures, sea grass and other marine life. The Forest area is a tranquil and peaceful environment ideal for a hike. A climb up the cliff will lend visitors a panoramic view that will take your breath away. There are relics of the World War II era including 2 tunnels which were discovered recently. A Park area has been cleared in order to let families enjoy themselves by bringing in the kids for some recreational activity.

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