24 Oktober 2011

Jinsha Site Museum – Majestic archaeological discovery previews China’s rich civilisation

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Known for her ancient civilization and dynastic rules, China is home to the world’s most populous nation. The diversity of the land offers remarkable attractions and sights of historical importance. These include the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Terracotta Warriors. Apart from its signifying attractions that have thronged people from all parts of the world, China is also renowned for its vast traditions and cultures. Travellers to this great nation can also indulge in some vibrant shopping and delicious dining options whilst wondering its city streets.

A popular tourist destination in China is the province of Sichuan. Known as the ‘land of abundance’ it is located in the South western area and it is rich in both flora and fauna. Steeped in history, the province is home to several dynasties and sites of historical significance. This includes the Tang dynasty. Temples and stone carvings are listed for sightseeing itineraries. Sichuan is also home to the renowned Giant Panda. These lovable animals are synonymous with China are nurtured in Chengdu. Local culture such as the Sichuan tea houses are also another attraction.

The Jinsha Site Museum is home to one of China’s most recent historical archaeological discoveries. Opened in 2006, the imperially majestic site exhibits include prehistoric artefacts belonging to the Kingdom of Shu. These include, stoneware, bronze and gold plates, ivory and jade articles.

Covering over 300,000 square metres, for visitors to the museum, various sections and areas from which to view these magical findings are available. Numerous halls and landscaped gardens offer a rich glimpse into the life and culture of the Shu dynasty. Integrative games are also offered for visitors to learn more about this rich ancient society.

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