24 Oktober 2011

Avenue of Stars – Lighting Up the Waterfront

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As an honor to those who lit up the silver screen of Hong Kong and scaled lofty heights to dazzle the world, the Avenue of Stars was created with the support of the Tourism Department of Hong Kong. The glamorous boardwalk has undoubtedly caused quite a stir in the region and drawn crowds in numbers. It is a prominent attraction added to the shoreline along the waters of Victoria Harbour that open out to the seas around Hong Kong.

Avenue of Stars was opened out to the public in 2004 and since then has been the centre of attraction in the area. In addition to the statues of the iconic personalities, there are plaques set on the floor with hand prints and even autographs of the superstars. Continuous additions are made to keep the avenue up to date with the very latest in showbiz. A century’s worth of theatrical details is inscribed on nine pillars that stand along the promenade making the tale of Hong Kong’s cinema complete.

Almost every evening, a musical performance is carried out by young locals who entice the crowds that pour out of the Cultural Centre, Museum of Art and the Space Museum, which are located around the avenue.

The glamour of Avenue of Stars does not diminish as the rays of the sun die to usher in the dusk. In fact, it is difficult to decide whether the promenade full of celebrities looks better at night or day. During the day, the rays of the sun reflect off the pristine waters of Victoria Harbour causing the environment to glisten along with the stars. At night tiny lights are lit on the walkway and remind the moonlight walkers of the Milky Way.

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