15 September 2011

Learning Through the Past at the Museum of Reading

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Situated in the quaint Berkshire County is the city of Reading. This city enjoys a long history and the Reading Museum Service has gone to vast lengths to preserve and enhance this value.

The town hall of Reading is where the initial museum was started when original documents, artefacts and art collections were displayed in order to educate the people about their historical background.

Victoria hall, as the oldest part of the Reading town hall, was reconstructed and extensions were made in 1875. The clock tower added at this time still remains a clear landmark in Reading today. In 1883, a library as well as a specific museum was built and 4 years later three art galleries too were added on to make way for the growing collection of historic items. In 1975 the town hall offices themselves moved out and after much renovation and revamping the museum was opened to the public in all its glory.

The museum seeks to provide visitors of all ages with an interactive, interesting and sometimes hands-on approach to learning history and tradition. To this end, the museum houses many galleries. People and Places gallery features original documents as well as objects tracing the timelines of history. The Silchester Gallery contains finds from archaeological excavations, whilst the Bayeux Gallery features the only copy in the UK of the Bayeux tapestry. This tapestry traces the invasions of the Vikings and Saxons and the events that stemmed from it.

Green Space is devoted to the natural and geological history of the Reading area. The Huntley and Palmers Gallery depicts the biscuit making industry’s history. This industry used to be Reading’s main industry at one point. The Windows Gallery, John Madejski Art Gallery and Exhibition gallery plays host to artistic, sculptor and other like-mannered workmanship.

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