16 September 2011

Edo Tokyo Museum – where history takes on new meaning

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Perhaps a little known fact today is that the ever popular Tokyo was once known as Edo, a sleepy fishing village, this was in the 15th Century. During this time much care was given to preserve the traditional Edo culture and economy. It was only after the Meiji Restoration that outside influences crept in and Edo was transformed into Tokyo – an important and bustling hub of today’s economic world.

The Edo Tokyo Museum seeks to educate locals and foreigners about the history and culture of Edo as well as trace its development into what it is today, and what it hopes to become.

The museum itself is constructed along the lines of an elevated warehouse. At its highest point, the museum is as high as the Edo castle. The museum was completed on the 28th of March 1993.

It is separated into 2 zones, namely the Edo Zone and Tokyo Zone. The Edo Zone focusing on the time between the 15th and 19th century, houses some impressive large scale replicas of buildings and structures. These include the likes of the famous Nihonbashi Bridge, Edo Castle and a life sized Kabuki Theatre.

Moving onto the Tokyo Zone, which focuses its attention from the 19th century onwards, we see the steady emergence of Western influence. In this zone, the large scale replicas include that of London town – designed after Lombard Street in London.

Items rescued after the disastrous World War II period are also on display.

Tech savy Tokyo is next up on the exhibits, which feature the early exhibits of the floor polisher, television and other electronic equipment.

Altogether, the Edo Tokyo Museum offers not only historians and culture buffs, but also the interested traveller a very good chance of understanding in depth, the essence of Tokyo and what it was. A comfortable and laid back way in which to enjoy this visit is for the traveller to opt for a Tokyo serviced apartment. Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo features service apartments Tokyo which are customized to offer you the best in every way.