21 September 2011

Broadfield House Glass Museum- fascinatingly intriguing!

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If you are keen on getting a glimpse of one of the world’s finest collection of glass work, then look no further than the Broadfield House Glass Museum located in West Midlands, England. The museum that exhibits glass work dating way back from the 17th century up until today is an unmatched place to discover the diversity, creativity and developments of the industry over the years.

Established in 1980 and situated ideally in the historically acclaimed Stourbridge Glass Quarter, the Broadfield House Glass Museum is managed by the Dudley Council. Housed in a charming Grade II listed building the museum is a venue for holding various public programs as well as temporary exhibitions. Visitors will find a glass shop available onsite, where products of different glass makers from the region are put on sale.

Within the premises of the Broadfield House Glass Museum, visitors will also come across a fascinating hot glass studio which is also operated by the Dudley Council and is backed by the Hulbert Group of Dudley. This hot glass studio is readily available for the use of well-known glass-blowers as well as graduates who specialize on the subject. It is also a great way to discover the skills and creativity of the glass-blower.

Renowned for its fine collection of glass work, the museum from time to time brings in both local and international glass artists to display their skills in the trade. The museum also boasts a large collection of permanent as well as temporary exhibitions and feature both historical and modern works of art. The Broadfield House Glass Museum is also popular for its library and important archives. The comprehensive library features pattern books, booklets, catalogues, important paperwork and even photographs. It is an ideal place to gather valuable information and instructions on this magical work of art.

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