21 September 2011

The Breathtaking Turtle Head Island

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Wuxi a city located in Jiangsu Province in China was famous for trade in the past because of its Grand Beijing Hangzhou Canal which connects the northern and southern parts of China for which it earned the name “Shanghai Jr”. With time trade has reduced, and canal is no longer in use for commercial activity.

At present with its four distinct seasons, it is famous for its beautiful sceneries and rich cultural landscape. The city is adorned by beautiful lakes, rivers, springs and lovely tea gardens. There are many tourist attractions in Wuxi. Liyuan Garden, the City of Three Kingdoms, Lingshan Buddha and Tai hu Lake are some of them. One of the most scenic places to see in Wuxi is Turtle Head Island.

The shape of a Turtle Head gives the Island its name. It is a small peninsular surrounded by the third largest freshwater lake in China. The island is the perfect location to view this picturesque lake when covered in mist. The best time to visit the Island is during spring in April, when all the cherry blossom trees are in bloom. This gives the impression of pink clouds. If you want a quiet holiday surrounded

by natural beauty, this is the ideal location. There are several tea houses, temples and pavilions but the main attraction of this island is its scenic beauty. There are two famous locations one cannot miss when visiting the island the Tianyuan Pavillion and the scenic area at Chong Mountain where the view is breathtaking

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