25 Agustus 2011

Paua – a World of Rainbow Jewellery

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Paua are marine molluscs that cling onto rock and eat sea weed. They are a rather common species found in temperate as well as tropical waters. However there are divisions of the species and the most brilliantly coloured variety is found especially near New Zealand.

Paua Haliotis Iris, Silver Pau or Haliotis Australis and Virgin Paua are the species most found around the waters of New Zealand. Of this the latter is the most uniquely coloured shell species.
What is so great about the shells is that in different lights the shades of the shell also look different. This iridescent quality makes the shells the perfect material for unique jewellery.

In Carterton, Wairarapa, lies Paua World, a unique shop and factory dedicated to the Paua. The shop is fashioned like a cave and is highly decorated with all sorts of items which have been made with the aid of Paua shells. The glistening colour schemes, which more often than not are shades of blue and green with touches of silver, make the entire area dazzle. The underwater section contains sea water aquariums with live Paua, rock cod, seahorses, and other rock pool animal species. A short video takes guests through an engaging account of the Paua’s life, how it is collected, cut and polished and made into jewellery and other ornaments.

The factory itself where this takes place can be toured on weekdays. The Paua World is open all 7 days and a visit can be a colourful and fascinating experience. There is no doubt that once inside, you will not step outside without having purchased at least one curio item which showcases the vibrance of the Paua species unique to New Zealand.

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