25 Agustus 2011

International Antarctic Centre – a Glimpse of the magnificent Island of Ice

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The Polar Regions are some of the most mystifying places on earth where elusive life still exists below the freezing point. The mesmerizing light show of the heavens, aurora, is a regular occurrence here adding more life to the chilly snow, white terrains that runs till the horizon.

The South Pole is dominated by Antarctica, the fifth largest continent of the earth and said to be the coldest of them all. The island is uninhabited for the most part but is dotted with research stations where thousands work relentlessly to unravel mysteries hidden beneath the earth’s core. Since there are no inhabitants except for researchers Antarctica has no government either, and so is under control by several countries like Norway, Australia, United Kingdom, Chile, France, Argentina and New Zealand.

The territory under the rule of New Zealand is called Ross Dependency and is one granted after New Zealand became an independent country. Even though the country owns a portion of Antarctica the locals can’t simply cross the rough oceans and visit there as and when they please.

So they resolved this matter by bringing Antarctica to their homeland, and tucked it away in the largest city of the South Island. Now you can find a portion of Antarctica when you go to the International Antarctic Centre in the beautiful city of Christchurch. The venue sits in the vicinity of Christchurch International Airport in a suburb called Harewood. The airport is a base that connects the scientists and researchers with Antarctica by air, backing up the scientific expeditions.

The International Antarctic Centre was launched on 28th of September 1990 and was built to support the research work carried out in Antarctica. It has also set sights on educating the masses about the scientific discoveries and has eventually become a major tourist attraction in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The centre offers fun packed edutainment for the entire family and is quite a good stimulation for young children. Here you can find a fine aquarium unlike any other that will provide you authentic specimens from the Antarctic seabed.

The Gallery is where you can learn a world of things about this giant snowy land, about human intervention, fauna and flora among other things. The exhibits are mostly interactive so not only the kids but even the youth and adults can have lots of fun while touring the Gallery. At the premises you can also watch a short film on Antarctica, capturing the captivating beauty from dawn to dusk.

The exhibits at the International Antarctic Centre aren’t all lifeless, as you will get to meet the Antarctic dwellers such as penguins. Seeing more than 20 little penguins basking or wobbling in outdoor and indoor spaces, simulating their natural habitats, will be a sight you can never forget. These are ones who cannot survive in the wild if left on their own so the centre takes care of them.

Want to know how the researchers travel in Antarctica? Then hop on a big hagglund and sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Its wheels may remind you the armoured tank of the military, as the hagglund too is built to cross all types of terrains including frozen water. The Hagglund Ride takes you up and down the slopes, through water and various tough terrains to give you the maximum thrill while ensuring maximum safety.

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