23 Agustus 2011

Great Dubai Wheel – A Wonder In The Making

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A jaw dropping, heart thumping, mouth-watering attraction; describes the Great Dubai Wheel built to fascinate and thrill. This world-class marvel will be a new generation observation and a key to enhance tourism in the land of what you would call fantasy.

This architectural masterpiece is a giant Ferris wheel in Dubailand, Dubai, United Arab Emirates; the city that constantly thrives to bring you the best in innovation. A journey across to see this man made structure is a spectacle you simply must experience. Dubailand – the prime area for entertainment surrounded with leisure activities, shopping and theme parks etc. now offers you a new dimension of entertainment in the form of a Ferris wheel that will take you up into the clouds and bring you back to earth.

The wheel of wonder that will attract thousands of people the world over not only gives you a ride of your life but it also offers you with views of up to 50 kilometers that enables you to glance at the vast spectacle that is Dubai.

This unique Ferris wheel will be an observatory wheel as well as a distinctive rollercoaster that is significantly larger than the London Eye. The opportunity to witness is yours, grab a hold of this chance and climb aboard this fine creation and experience the thrill of being mid air in the heart of Dubai.

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