23 Agustus 2011

Enjoy the Heart Thumping Activities at the Atlantis Water Park

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Dubai is probably one of the leading tourist destinations in the world right now and by being so, it does not disappoint. The city boasts an array of manmade marvels such as indoor aquariums, island coasts, sports domes, skyscrapers and monster theme parks for the keen traveler to explore. Visitors to this foreign land will be among some of the greatest attractions ever seen in the world today.

One such attraction located on the coast of Dubai is the Atlantis The Palm – a luxurious resort that sprawls across 116 acres and is situated on the famed “The Palm Jumeirah” which is an extravagant island shaped to look like a palm tree. The resort houses one of Dubai’s most prestigious and renowned water theme parks known as the Atlantic Water Park.

Visitors to the park will find many of its attractions and facilities extraodinary. With a facinating list of activities to indulge in, a heart thumping and adranaline pumping experience is always on the cards. The Atlantis Water Park also known to many as the Aquaventure Water Park is a must on a travelers list of places to see.

One of the water parks most spetacular features is the “Leap of Faith” – a waterslide that is structured at the top of a building known as the Ziggurat. The slide plunges down and slides all the way through a tunnel and into a lagoon known as the “shark”. The water park covers over 41 acres and also houses a 700-metre beach.

Another spectacle at the theme park is the “Shark Lagoon” – this gorgeously created attraction is a waterslide tube that is surrounded by transparent glass. Visitors to this attraction can float amongst sharks that swim aside and over the tube. “The splashers” – is a water playground dedicated to the kids, this attraction houses a number of activities such as climbing structures, slides, tipping buckets, splashers and water jets.

Some of the other attractions to see and try out at this unique mega resort are the Underground Aquariums and the Interconnecting Pools – home to rescued dolphins, the Ambassador Lagoon – home to over fifty different species of marine life, glass sculptures and world class restaurants that overlook views of the lagoons.

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