27 Agustus 2011

Drayton Manor Theme Park, a unique theme park that never fails to satisfy

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The Drayton Manor Theme Park is a hugely popular state of the art amusement park located in the former premises of Drayton Manor in Staffordshire, England. The park features both thrilling and scenic rides, providing a variety of entertainment options to suit the fancy of any visitor. However there is no doubt that the park is best known for its breathtaking ultra-modern rides for thrill seekers.

The Shockwave, the solitary stand-up rollercoaster in Europe is a truly remarkable invention. Producing up to 4Gs and reaching velocities of 53 mph, the Shockwave truly lives up to its name with a series of nerve-tingling bends, loops and rolls.

Stormforce 10 is a sensational water ride that attempts to recreate the theme of a rescue by lifeboat, and takes passengers on a spine-tingling course with a series of drops into water providing an authentic reproduction of a rescue situation.

The G Force is a rollercoaster which provides hip restraints for passengers, rather than the customary shoulder restraints and specially designed seats that can securely accommodate larger riders. The ride features a sensational lift where passengers are suspended upside down while being taken 23m into the air; they also experience a loop, a steep hill and sensational elements based on aerobatic movements.

Pandemonium is the aptly named swinging inverter ride which consists of two swinging vehicles that take the well restrained riders continuously higher, culminating at an amazing angle at a height of almost 25 m.

Meanwhile the Apocalypse is a 54 m tall free-fall simulator that has been acclaimed as ‘Britain’s scariest ride’. It is unique for offering three options; either sitting down, standing up or the latest ‘Fifth Element’ position of standing without a floor. Riders fall 54 meters in 4 seconds and as they decelerate experience a force of 4 g.

Other highlights include the swinging gyro ride Maelstrom and The Bounty, a pirate ship that rocks back and forth at nearly vertical angles, causing a sensation of weightlessness.

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