27 Agustus 2011

Doctor Who Exhibition: Helping us remember those great moments and characters from the TV Show

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Considered one of the most popular science fiction series in British history, Doctor Who has been captivating the hearts and minds of children for decades. It has been the recipient of many awards both British and international including BAFTAs and Emmys. It is officially the longest running science fiction series in the world and has influenced and shaped the ideas and visions of many prominent personalities over the years who grew up with the show.

The original BBC series was renowned for its infinitely imaginative story lines and creative use of special effects to help bring the world of Doctor Who alive. The first show ran from 1963 to 1989. Throughout this time the show created many movies and team ups throughout its life incorporating a diverse array of cinematic mediums.
Revolving around a humanoid alien known simply as the “Doctor”, the character travels through space and time in the TARDIS craft which was simply a blue 1950’s phone booth. Throughout the Doctor’s adventures he would come across strange and fascinating alien beings known as Darleks and the ever present Cybermen.

The series can be considered one of the few shows of its time to truly capture the general audience segment. Such was the show’s popularity that prominent actors from around the world would repeatedly ask for the leading role or would take up guest appearances on the show. Such was the fashion repeatedly even when it came to selecting the Doctor’s assistant. Many famous celebrities have played the Doctor and his assistant over time lending their unique perspectives to the characters but never changing the original theme of the show.

After its conclusion in the 1980’s the show was put on a hiatus as many tried to find a backer for a feature film project. But then in 2003 the series was restarted by the BBC and once again it has become the most successful series ever in British television history and is still airing to this day.

Due to the immense popularity of the show, Doctor Who exhibition centres have been created throughout England. These exhibitions showcase characters, props, costumes and production paraphernalia that have been used on the series over the years. Every year many of the exhibitions undergo an overhaul and new set pieces are added on a frequent basis to help keep visitors interested and keep the magic of the show alive. It is an excellent opportunity for visitors especially children to see the show’s characters in person and make their imagination soar.

Visitors travelling to Cardiff and want to experience the magic of Doctor Who are in luck. A fully fledged exhibition centre is present in the town and features a newly renovated set of exhibits showcasing a wide array of characters and props from the Doctor Who universe.

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