07 Juli 2011

Peninsular Botanical Garden (Thung Khai) – A Nature Lover’s Paradise

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Si Kao, Thailand is definitely an exotic paradise on earth. This coastal town on the south of Thailand is blessed with sandy white beaches kissed by clam emerald blue sea, along with lush greenery. Si Kao is located at the south of Krabi Province in Southern Thailand lining the Andaman Sea. This enchanting destination is a traveller’s dream come true, as it has an extraordinary landscape with thick green forests extending to the shoreline and, enticing waterfalls that will take your breath away. Although beaches are the main attraction of Si Kao, the many ravishing waterfalls will take you to a romantic paradise of your own.
A visit to the alluring Peninsular Botanical Garden (Thung Khai) is a must, so as to delight the nature lover in you. This haven for flora was established in 1993 especially for research purposes. However, it is open for visitors as well, to marvel at the extraordinary plant species .The garden is home to magnificent ornamental and economic plants including nutmeg, rubber, coffee and many more. You will be mesmerised by the exotic Orchid garden, Fern garden and Aquatic garden while the medicinal garden will provide you with interesting information on herbal medicine. Scholars especially like the Endemic and rare plant garden. Trekking in the lowland forests surrounded by various unique plant species is an experience not to be missed by nature lovers. Public lectures are also conducted by the garden staff to educate visitors on the importance of preserving flora.
The cuisine in Si Kao is a delight to the taste buds. You will find a host of dishes including Thai, Malay, Chinese and Indian. A morning visit to a coffee shop in Si Kao is a charming experience when you visit this exotic destination. You will be treated to mouth watering delicacies and delicious coffee in most of the coffee shops, which can easily be found in Si Kao.
Krabi resorts will pamper your senses with the exceptional Thai hospitality. At Krabi villas in Si Kao you will find world class amenities in a stunning environment. Anantara Sikao, Thailand will provide you with luxurious accommodation along with several superb restaurants and a spa.